About Us

The goal of the CEITEC Postdoc Peer Committee is to hear the voice of CEITEC Postdocs and all junior scientists, to understand their needs and jointly seek for solutions to problems that we can solve. Encourage and facilitate networking between postdocs and fellows from different research groups and other staff within CEITEC MU and the whole CEITEC consortium, and provide opportunities for your professional develompent .

Our activities

1) Networking events 

2) Annual postdoc and junior scientist retreats 

3) Soft skills workshops 

4) Mediate with CEITEC administration 

Do you want to stay informed or get involved in our activites? Do you with to expand your network and get to know more of your colleagues and what they do?

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Current Postdoc Peer Committee members:

Pavel Payne, PhD                                          

Chair of the PPC


Email: pavel.payne @ ceitec.muni.cz    

Khadija Hajji, PhD

Email: khadija.hajji@ceitec.muni.cz

Mateo Seoane Blanco, PhD

Email: mateo.seoane.blanco@ceitec.muni.cz


Denys Biriukov, PhD

Email: denys.biriukov@ceitec.muni.cz

Oleksii Laguta, PhD 

Email: oleksii.laguta@ceitec.vutbr.cz

 Jiří Ehlich, PhD 

 Email: Jiri.Ehlich@ceitec.vutbr.cz.

Former members :

Carina Büttner   Jaclyn Quin Michael   OwenTina Catela IvkovicOndrej JursekMaria Zlobina