Upcoming Events


Doctor Multiverse Special TeaTime

March 28th, 2024
CEITEC-MU atrium

All Events of 2024

  • Leap Day Special TeaTime (Feb 29th) CEITEC-MU atrium 
    • What you ever wanted to know about measuring of time and were afraid to ask
  • Doctor Multiverse Special TeaTime (March 28th) CEITEC-MU atrium
    • Practical guide through the jungle of all various Dr. titles
  • MUNI Postdoc meeting (late April)   
  • Postdoc BBQ (May-June) at CEITEC BUT  
  • Postdoc appreciation week Special TeaTime (Sept 19th) CEITEC-MU atrium
  • MUNI Potsdoc meeting (September)  
  • Postdoc Retreat (October)  
  • Nobel Prize Awards TeaTime (Dec 12th) CEITEC-MU atrium 

Past events


Carnival Special TeaTime (Feb 16th) CEITEC-MU atrium 

π-day Special TeaTime (March 16th) CEITEC-MU atrium 

Postdoc BBQ (May-June) at CEITEC BUT  

Postdoc appreciation week Special TeaTime (Sept 21st) CEITEC-MU atrium

Postdoc Retreat (Oct 26-27)

Nobel Prize Awards TeaTime (Dec 7th) CEITEC-MU atrium 


PostDoc TeaTime

DNA day – PPC members organized a quiz devoted to DNA including music and picture questions. All CEITEC MU society who took part in it had a lot of fun. The winners got very nice prizes!  

Postdocs meet PhD students – PPC members organized that TeaTime to welcome new postdocs, PhD students with some food and beverages as well as advises and funny stories to have a good start for the upcoming semester. 

Christmas edition – PPC members provided kind of hidden object game for CEITEC students and postdoc for them to find pieces of puzzle and put it together to get a nice Christmas gift! 

3rd Annual PostDoc retreat 

Abstract book



2nd Annual postdoc retreat (on-line)  


1st Annual Postdoc retreat